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Create A Retirement Income Working Online

Many people prepare well and create a retirement income. They work for one company and over the many years get vested in a retirement plan that combined with their social security provides a way for them to maintain their style of living. A traditional model of retirement planning that I wish I had been able to complete.Create A Retirement Income Working Online

Recently I’ve been reading about people who live on almost nothing and save almost everything they earn to retire early on their investments. This is a new approach to retirement planning. Wish I’d thought of and had the discipline to do this.

Then there are those of us who have not had the benefit of job stability to build that retirement nest egg. Or, who have had an emergency and needed our savings. Whatever the reason, we are still looking to create a retirement income when the day that we know is coming really arrives on our doorstep.

What can we do? Is it too late?

This article will show you a proven way to add monthly income to your living allowance whatever your age, gender, ability, or circumstances by taking advantage of the most powerful tool in history – the Internet. It will work for anyone, anywhere. Sound too good to be true? Please read on.

Empty Promises – Real Scams

I am not talking about a get-rich-quick scheme. We’ve all been there and tried that. The only people getting rich were the people taking our money.scam-or-legit

Not the multi-level marketing (MLM) many of us have invested our time and money on only to have little or no return. The only ones making money in these programs were the people above us.

This is not a program where you have to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars to buy products that you hope you can sell for a profit. But you usually end up with a basement or storage locker filled with a product you don’t use and can’t give away.

Unlike many other online opportunities this is not a low-ball get started program where you are then the target for continued upsell offers and pressure to spend more to earn more or earn anything to be honest.

Earning By Learning – Online Marketing

No matter where we come from and what we did before, we had to start somewhere and learn how to do that job. The same is still true today.

Can I ask you a few questions.

  • Do you use the Internet? (I bet your answer will be yes.)
  • Do you buy things on the Internet? (Again, I bet your answer will be yes.)
  • Do you think people are making money on the Internet? (I’m sure you’ll say yes.)
  • Do you think you can make money on the Internet? (You’ll probably say no, I don’t know how to do it and that’s exactly what I said.)

Think about that answer for a minute. I don’t know enough about it.

You may be saying, I use the Internet but I wouldn’t know where to start. I don’t know what to do.

How can you change this and know where to start and what to do each step of the way to earning an online income? The answer is one word, learning.

Wealthy Affiliate – Learning To Make Money Online

I needed to add to my income. Looked around and explored several of the online programs that promised to be the answer to my prayers. Only to find out that they were either scams or not likely to produce much income. Then, I came upon something different, somewhere where learning was stressed as the road to making

This is a place, a special place, where you can learn to build and grow an online business and be surrounded by a community of people around the world that freely help you in every phase of your online journey.
Wealthy Affiliate (WA) competes with other all-inclusive website builder programs. You can try WA and get a free website like you can with other providers. But WA is different from every other online


Two things make WA different from the all rest.

  1. Training from the most basic online concepts to advanced Internet marketing.
  2. A community where people communicate and really help each other learn and succeed.

WA Training – Two Paths You Can Go By

The one thing we all do is continually learn. Working online is no different. WA provides two ways to learn how to build and grow an online business depending on the type of business you want to create.

One path, called Certification, is for those people who want to sell their own or other people’s good and services. This training is made up of 50 lessons – 10 Lessons in each of 5 Courses for 50 lessons.

Certification training starts from the beginning and takes you one step at a time to build and grow your own online business. You will learn everything from setting up your website to implementing strategies to promote it, get traffic to your website, and convert visitors into buyers.

The second path, Bootcamp, is for those people who don’t know what products or services they want to focus on, called a niche, and opt to work promoting WA. Again, training starts from step one and continues to the expert level with 10 lessons in each of 7 Phases for 70 lessons.

But there is more, an hour of live training every Friday. Wait, will add to the offer with the ability of other WA members to create and offer training and many of us do just that add training. The user created training provides on-demand information on specific topics easily accessible just at the time you need it. Which brings us to the community.

WA Community – One of a Kind

I can’t say enough good things about the WA community. If the education opportunity at WA is a 10 then the community is a 200. People are encouraged to pay it forward and help each other. And that’s just what we do help each other. In addition to live chat there are classroom chats and a lot of interaction on individual blogs where people ask for help and other people post lesson learned, successes, and tools that may help others on the road to success.

  • Live Chat – help in seconds
  • Comments – response in minutes/hour)
  • Blog Posts/Ask A Question – response in minutes)
  • Private Messaging (in Premium level only)




What Does WA Cost?

You can create a retirement income online. Try Wealthy Affiliate for FREE and that’s what I recommend you do. Kick thetires, build a website, and test the training for yourself.
It won’t cost you a dime and you do not have to give your credit card to get started.

No matter what your experience or ability level you can do this.

Wealthy Affiliate will help you start a new or grow your existing business.

Learn how to build your own website and work from home successfully with this free to join website.

Are you ready? We Are.


Click here to start your online business today!





What do you think of this Wealthy Affiliate review?
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6 thoughts on “Create A Retirement Income – No More Sleepless Nights

  1. Great post on creating a retirement income, so many people will be retiring on a very low pension if any at all. Now is the time to start building your retirement business, I am happy to say this post will get you started on the right path

    1. Hi Jeff,
      Yes, too many seniors have too little and prices continue to rise. For anyone needing additional income this is a great opportunity.
      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Steve, thanks for this piece. I found out there are many legit online business as there are many scams, so you don’t really know where to draw the line. Your piece has point out the way forward. Keep up the good work

    1. Lanu there are both legitimate and scams out there by the bucket full. It’s not always easy to tell the good ones from the bad. But the good ones like Wealthy Affiliate can help you change your life for the better.
      Thank you for your comment.

  3. Hi Steve,
    I like that wealthy affiliate is not an MLM company. I have tried and failed at many of them. With large investments that made me feel like all online business making opportunities were scams. I guess it is not all. I have been trying your recommended WA for a while now. I have to say. It is different. I finally feel like I am going somewhere in the online business world. I am loving it. I do believe I can succeed in this. Thank you for introducing it!

    1. Hi Christina,
      I agree Wealthy Affiliate does not have the earmarks of an MLM company. While WA affiliates can sell WA and make a commission, there is no upfront investment and no product to buy and resell. No monthly sales goals. There is no downstream and upstream sales lines for distributing sales commissions. And, most importantly, you can use WA to sell your own or other products and never market or sell WA at all. No, WA is clearly not a MLM or any other type of pyramid scheme. It is a legitimate online business training platform where you can learn how to build and grow your online business.
      Thanks you for your comments.

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