Quality versus Quantity – A Bloggers Dilemma

Quality versus Quantity – A Bloggers Delima

Quality versus Quantity - A Bloggers Delima

Working online and writing for my website it didn’t take long before I had read a number of blogs about the number of articles I should be write and publish on my website over a specific period to attract readers. The question of Quality versus Quantity – A Bloggers Dilemma was clearly something I needed to address.

These blogs also project, really guess, the number of clicks my website might get based on the number of blogs that are available to read on my website.

The “logic” of estimating the number of visitors a post on the website can get goes something like the following.

If 1 post can generate 1 visitor per day that equals 30 visitors per month. To extend that hypothesis:

  • 10 posts = 300 visitors per month
  • 20 posts = 600 visitors per month
  • 50 posts = 1500 visitors per month
  • 100 posts = 3000 visitors per month

Well maybe but I think not. A certain amount of content is needed on almost any website to develop authority and improve rankings. The exception would be what might be called a pure product sales website but more about that later.

Establishing website authority aside there are two main factors I consider when writing a new blog and how much effective posting I can do in any time period.

1. My audience

  • Why do they visit my website?
  • What does a visitor to my website hope to find or learn?
  • How can I best meet my visitors’ expectations?

2. Quality content

  • content that is well-written
  • has accurate facts
  • is easy to read and understand
  • tells the reader what to do next (a call to action).

As a consumer, those are the things I look for when I am searching the Internet to learn about something or find the answer to my problem.


Setting Standards – What’s Doable for You?

Many of us are holding ourselves to a high standard trying to publish 3 posts per week or 12 posts per month. This may be a great goal and while I can do it once in a while, it would take all of my online time to write three well researched high-quality posts per week.

I see websites which have a number of posts with little or no factual information. Yup, I’m guilty I’ve done that once in a while. If they follow my development process this content-limited post is written by pulling together of a few strands of information found on the web together with some personal observations and then a call to action to go to another post where the real sales pitch is made.

There is nothing wrong with this formula if it meets your audience expectations, you believe it is high-quality writing, and it works for you.

Inbound Now recommends the following steps for creating a workable content strategy.

Michael Hyatt, a leadership and personal development coach surveyed his readers in 2012 and found that 81% preferred he post less than 3 times per week!

For myself, I am setting writing standards that are achievable and fit into my website development plan of publishing 1 to 2 posts a week. A website with 300 posts and only a few visitors or sales is missing the mark by 3,000 miles.


Relevance and Resonance – Keys to Success

In addition to quality content relevance is important. Relevance, to me, is the content that responds to a need my readers have and it should be relevant to a substantial number of people.

For example, when I do my keyword research and look for keywords already used on 100 or fewer blogs a monthly traffic projection of 10 or even 30 visitors IF my blog is on the first page of a search result is not what I’m looking to find. I look for a monthly traffic projection of 200-300 monthly visitors for that blog IF my post is on the first search return page.

Think of it like throwing darts at a dart board. You have a better chance of hitting near or on the bull’s-eye with 200 darts than with 20 darts.

It’s simple math given that all things being even a monthly traffic projection of 20 versus 200 says volumes about that keyword’s relevance. To me a keyword with a monthly projection of possibly 20 visitors to my website is not screaming I’m relevant.

Resonance is more complicated. We all see the pictures and posts that go viral and get hundreds, thousands, and even millions of hits in a short time because they resonate with many people. I believe one blog that resonates is worth 20 blogs that do not resonate. Resonance may often be the result of luck but there must be a way to calculate better odds to improve writing content that resonates with our readers.


Pure Sales Websites

I don’t know if pure sales websites is the right term but there are websites that sell products and have no content. Many of these are brick and mortar store websites and their online presence provides a way for people to see, select, and order their products online. McDonald’s is an example – there are no 1,200+ word blogs on any McDonald’s website. I know, I checked.

You’re probably thinking, I’m not McD’s but that is just one example. As the survey below shows, the majority of shoppers (57%) go to Amazon, search engines, and online stores. 12% of the traffic goes to retailer channel websites.

That leaves websites like mine in the (9%) Other category.

This only means I need to work harder to get every online shopper’s attention. They way to do that is to be different with a product sales website or with high-quality blog content.

For a pure product sales website we need to provide high-quality product reviews and comparisons unless we can find a niche that is unique and not well advertised that we can promote. They exist but not they’re not always easy to find.



The majority of us are going to have to write for our online lives and provide that high-quality fact-based content to attract visitors and convert our visitors to paying customers. To do that we need to be both strategic and tactical in our website design and marketing efforts.

Strategic in that we understand our audience, the questions they are likely to ask, and our ability to answer those questions in a way that builds brand, loyalty, and converts to sales.

Tactical in how we promote our websites and content with a mix of text and graphics, social media and back links, as well as advertising and word-of-mouth.

This is not easy and requires a clear understating of what we are trying to sell and how to engage our audience to create loyal customers. For me it’s worth taking the time to make my website structure and content as relevant and resonant as I can even if I only post once a week.


This post is intended to encourage a discussion. Do you think you should hold yourself to writing a specific number of words each day and posting a specific number of posts each week? What do you think?

Now for my call to action: Please comment below. What do you think about Quality versus Quantity – A Bloggers Dilemma?

4 thoughts on “Quality versus Quantity – A Bloggers Dilemma

  1. I think quality should supersede quantity any day. If a quality article that helps the reader is posted, and you have done correct keyword research and on-page SEO, then you should be able to outrank your competition.
    Thanks for pointing this out in such a clear manner.

    1. Hi Cynthia,
      I agree quality should supersede quantity. The next question is how do we define quality? While keyword research is one part of the equation I think content research is also important. As I research search engine optimization (SEO) one key ingredient for high ranking is the ability to include infographics in your writing. Do you think creating infographics raises the bar on the research a writer needs to complete to write an effective post?
      Thank you for your comments.

  2. This is wonderful guidance. I often want to write so much more than I actually get done. Thankfully I think that reflects back on my inner need to create quality. I want what I write to be of value. Afterall that is what we “sell” right? Value to our readers and an emphasis on our product if we are selling one. So I would say 100% it has to be quality.
    Your breakdowns made everything so very clear and concise. This was definitely a quality article!

    1. Hi Christina,
      I agree since what we “sell” is what we write and that is our customers’ window into us as a person and a business quality is job #1. It is a good thing to be able to create a list of topics that you want to address with your writing even if you can’t get to them all right away.

      I remember the story of how the song Proud Mary was written. John Fogerty wrote the words Proud Mary on the first page of his journal and carried it with him for years not knowing what it was for. He didn’t get to writing the song for years after. It may have taken years for the words Proud Mary to become a song but it was a high quality song when it was completed as its longevity proves.

      I am glad you liked the article and greatly appreciate you calling it quality writing. Thank you.

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