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Time Versus Need – Retire Online To Add to Your Income  retire online

What if you find yourself forced into retirement? Have you ever thought you could retire online and continue to earn a living? It is possible to make money online.
What I mean is retire to new income possibilities and job responsibilities working online as an affiliate marketer. It took me a while to get there but if you wonder what to do next in life I have a retire online story I think will interest you.



Not Ready to Go

If you are like me and in you’re in your mid-sixties then maybe you feel your not ready to retire. I sure wasn’t ready! I liked working. I know that may sound crazy but work has it’s rewards.

  1. Getting up every day and having a purpose in life is important and provides a sense that I’m needed.
  2. Work is enjoyable and helping others provides a sense of accomplishment.
  3. A job keeps me engaged with other people providing a sense of self-worth.
  4. The money pays the bills. It’s good to be able to pay your bills.

Unfortunately many of us in our mid-sixties find ourselves in a place we never imagined. We’ve lost our job unexpectedly, for whatever reason, and we just can’t seem to connect with another job.

It’s hard to get interviews and when you do have an interview it just doesn’t seem to click. Not being able to hear those two words – You’re Hired! – can get depressing very quickly. I know because I’ve been there myself.



One Thing I Know

There is one thing I know for sure. If I sit down on the front porch rocking chair the world will quickly pass me by. It will probably pass me by in less than a week.

The longer I waited to find a new job the harder it got. I began to doubt myself and my skills and started to think maybe they’re right, I can’t compete anymore. My skills are outdated and I’m not needed. Talk about being depressed.

I felt that way and then I realized: The world has changed and I can take advantage of the changes to redefine myself and the work that I do.

What do I mean the world has changed? Most everything I do and what 3 billion other people in the world do is almost everything online.

A few short years ago it wasn’t that way. For example, we would get our monthly bills by mail and mail a check back days ahead of the due date so that we didn’t get a late payment charge. Remember those days?

Now we pay online if, that is, we haven’t set up automatic payments so we don’t even have to think about paying the bill.

Today we use the Internet to:

retire online

  • answer questions
  • solve problems
  • improve skills
  • fix something that has broken
  • identify the best product for our needs
  • find the lowest cost for a product we want to buy

And, that’s where your ability to retire online comes in. You have a lot of experience and knowledge lets’s put it to use and make some good money in the process.

By helping other people find something, learn something, or solve their problems using the Internet you can build and grow a successful online business. This post will help show you how to begin your journey onto the information superhighway with confidence.



A New Way of Life

So now you know half of my story. Maybe it’s your story too.

I lost my job because my employer had a downturn in funding. After over a year and hundreds of job applications and a few interviews that didn’t result in a new job I was not in a good place. I started reading the emails we all get promising great monthly incomes working on line. If we can afford the entrance fee that is. I could not.

Technology and the world have changed and many of us try to cling to what we know best – the old way of doing things. We hear of people making fortunes online but we’re not sure we believe it and if we do believe it we don’t know where to start.



Feeling Technologically Inadequate

Then, of course, there’s the technology gap.

I think using technology and the Internet can be a lot like driving a car. If you turn the key and it starts your okay and on your way. If the car doesn’t start panic sets in.

You know you can’t fix it, heck you don’t know what’s wrong or where to start but you know you can’t go anywhere. Your plans fly out the window. Call triple A and wait for help to arrive.

Many of us feel the same way about using technology. When it works we’re fine and we can feel our way through it to reach our destination. But if something goes wrong we feel overwhelmed and often inadequate. So, a job working online can seem completely impossible and building an online business out of the question.



Striking Gold

While I was researching the topic on Google and about to pull the trigger on trying something new – retiring to an online business – I struck gold. I read a review of Wealthy Affiliate (WA). WA was not the product I was considering at the time but I liked what I read about the program.

There were three things that caught my interest.strike gold

  1. WA promised the training needed to build and grow and online business.
  2. The review discussed a community of like-minded people actively helping each other to succeed.
  3. The ability to try it out for free and my credit card was not required so it seemed like a safe bet.

I took the plunge and I’m glad I did.

Everything WA promised was true and then some. I found a new way of life, made a lot of new friends and I’m learning new things every day.



The Wealthy Affiliate Experience

Here’s what I found at Wealthy Affiliate (WA) that has changed my life and made the idea of being able to retire online possible

  • I could start for free.
  • They would teach me the technology skills I needed to be successful.
  • 2 fully functional websites are included.
  • There are 12 website template designs to choose from.
  • I could publish my website in less than 15 minutes.
  • The free program includes 10 online business lessons.
  • A weekly life training session is provided.
  • Access to Jaxxy a keyword and niche research tool.
  • Hosting and security are included.
  • There is a community of users who help each other succeed.
  • There was only one price upgrade and no other upsells.
  • If I decided to continue premium membership is priced ($19 trial for the first month and $49 per month after):
    • with 2,600 website templates,
    • and training to
      • build your website,
      • drive free traffic to the website, and
      • grow your business.

So, I tried the free Wealthy Affiliate program. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.



What Do I Recommend?

What Do I RecommendI’ve done the research and tested the system for you. If you’re like me It’s the best option for someone just getting started and trying to retire online.

If you are thinking of trying to make money online now is the time. And, the best part of it all is you can use the free membership try the whole system and see if it’s right for you too.


If you’re ready to retire online and add to your retirement income, click on the Yes, I Want to Get Started Now button.


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What are you thinking of doing to add to your retirement income?


Leave any comments, questions, or concerns in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you soon!

The opinions expressed in this review are those of the author and are based on a combination of personal experience, published product reviews and users’ ratings.


12 thoughts on “Retire Online – New Income With Affiliate Marketing

  1. Hi Steve, we ended up in a similar place. My husband was laid off 3 years ago with a downturn in the economy, and was not able to find employment. It turned out we needed him home with our teenagers – they were going through difficult times. Now they are able to do online school and Shawn is blogging from home. I would love to retire online and then have us all home together. Till then, I’ll enjoy my 9-5 job and keep working on my hobbies.

    1. Thank you for your comment. It’s always good to hear that someone is making progress on their dreams. Keep working on your blogging too. Others are making a career out of it, you can do it to.

  2. Great article, Steven.
    Yes, I know of a few retirees whose lives have changed due to downsizing, and so many other little things that they once took for granted. I am so happy that you found a way to reinvent yourself and not to ‘take it sitting down’. I know about WealthyAffiliate and the great platform available to members, the internet knowledge to help make online work another option to make income. It is indeed a great educational opportunity. As long as you follow the guidelines and the educational sources, you can achieve new heights and definitely internet success.
    Much success to you.

    1. Thank you, Michelle. It is so important to get the word out to seniors that there is something better than a $10 an hour job at Wall Mart for their future. The world has changed and we must help each other get on the train and become smarter about the opportunities available if we are willing to leanr some new skills.

  3. Hi Steve,
    Although I had not reached a retirement age circumstances removed me from the workforce in the form of a debilitating illness. Can be a tough transition going from an earning force in a family to a standby hoping disability can make up for the loss. It can’t. Your advice applies equally to my own situation and I can see how very useful this could be to me. I have explored WA and it is very promising to a future that can work for me. It is making me feel useful again. Better yet it has a ton of support that makes me feel like I am never doing it alone.

    1. I am so sorry to hear this. It is so stressful when your world changes like that and you need to find a new path. You are correct you are never alone at WA the help and support from the community and the owners is unlike anything else I have ever seen.
      Thank you for your comment.

  4. Great review Steve, and thank you so much for adding my video to your content. Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be when you want to build a successful online business. All training is specified with one purpose, create a solid base for your online performance.
    Since 2014 I am working online with the help of WA and the awesome community. I made a lot of friends worldwide.
    And it’s great to find a friend in you too:)
    When you ever are in need of free to use programs or tools online, please visit my 301+ Cool Amazing Website Tools page on my workathomefuture website, you’ll be amazed how many goodies are out there.
    Enjoy your day, Steve

    Regards, Loes

    1. Thank you for your comment and all the work you do and share with everyone Loes. You are greatly appreciated and the epitome of the WA community. I think the WA community is one if not the most valuable part of the platform and wish there was a better way to show this to prospective WA users.

  5. Steve,
    I found that working a blogging website online does a lot for keeping me busy, keeping my mind alert and making a little extra income on the side. I think I heard somewhere if you stop learning new things that your brain will loose some of its memory. I like the challenge of learning and applying new things every week.

    1. Hi John,
      There is so much to learn that it certainly will keep your mind sharp and you on your toes. Not to mention that you are interacting with other people all the time. Of course, there is nothing wrong with extra income either.
      Thanks for your comment.

  6. I was forced into retirement early also. I was lucky enough though because we had a rental business going. However, the loss of my income hit us hard. I also found Wealthy Affiliate looking for a way to create an extra income online.
    Wealthy Affiliate has provided for me a chance to change my life for the better. It is a great experience and I would encourage anyone that is sitting on the fence about joining to just take action. You won’t be sorry.

    1. Hi Cynthia,
      I agree take action and don’t wait! You can’t change things in your life if you don’t change and Wealthy Affiliate can help you change fro the better.
      Thanks for your comment.

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