The Secret To Supplement Your Retirement Income Online – Power Keywords

The Secret To Supplement Your Retirement Income Online – Power Keywords

You want to boost your retirement income and making money online seems like a good way to do it. After all, you see others retiring to an online job. This post will let you in on the secret that will help you earn money online – the value of using a high-quality keyword research tool. power keywords

The secret supplement your retirement income online is to understand and use power keywords effectively.

Let’s think about something you do all the time. It has become so natural you probably don’t even think about how fantastic it is.

You want to know something or your interested in buying something. What do you do? Simple …

  1. Go to your computer.
  2. Open the web browser – Google, Bing, or Yahoo.
  3. Type a word or phrase into the browser search bar.
  4. Press the Enter key or click on Search.
  5. Like magic a list of articles or websites pop up for that word or phrase.

The secret to supplement your retirement income online is: KEYWORDS.

Keywords also called search terms, are the words and phrases you type into the Google, Bing, or Yahoo search bar to find information on a specific topic. Think of the Keywords as your site content’s address or the road signs leading to your website.

This article tells you how to find keywords that will get your web content or website ranked highly in the search engines. The higher your content or website ranks, the more people will see it. The more people who see it, the more visitors you will get and the more money you can make.

Keywords – How To Identify The Good Ones

A great keyword is a word that describes your content and helps you get your content placed high enough on a search return that people will see and click on to read your content. For every keyword you need to have information that tells you:

  1. AVG –The average number of searches that keyword receives each month.
  2. Traffic – Visits you can expect to your website with first page ranking in the search engines with this keyword.
  3. QSR – Quoted Search Results are the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword.
  4. KQI – Keyword Quality Indicator rates a keyword by color as great (green), okay (yellow), or poor (red).
  5. SEO – Search Engine Optimization is a score from 1 to 100 based on traffic and competition. The higher the SEO number the more likely this keyword will rank on the first page.

What makes a good keyword for getting people’s attention?

A good keyword describes your content in a way that searchers will understand. It is a keyword with a QSR of 100 pages or fewer and an SEO of 80 or better. That means, for that specific keyword there would be 100 pages that have this exact keyword and an 80% or better chance of ranking on the first page of a search engine response.

The way to find these magic money making words is to use a keyword research tool.

A keyword research tool helps you find the information to make informed keyword selections that will guarantee a search engine first page ranking for your content. My favorite keyword research tool is Jaxxy.




Jaxxy – Keyword Research Secret Sauce power keywords

Jaxxy provides the competitive edge everyone is looking for by helping you identify the hottest and most profitable power keywords.

I tend to be skeptical and want to see how things work. So let’s take an example. I want to write an article about outdoor sheds and go to Jaxxy, enter outdoor sheds in the search bar, and click Find Keywords.

In a few seconds I have a report with 7 keywords with limited competition from other online pages, a QSR of 100 or lower, and a 93% or better expectation of ranking on the search first return page. There were many more that didn’t fit in this screen capture.

With this one quick Jaxxy search, which took less than 1 minute to complete, I can build a list of power keywords to write about. If I look at the Domains column on the right, it tells me what domain names are available.

Jaxxy show me I could set up a website named and create content for this website on topics including plastic outdoor sheds and outdoor utility sheds expecting that the site and content would rank on the first page of a search return.

This first page ranking translates to website visitors and site visitors equals sales.

Website Traffic = Money


But There’s More!

I need to have a way to keep track of the money making keywords I found. I’m not going to remember them all and I don’t want to write them down.

By simply selecting the best keywords and clicking on the Save to List button I can create a list called outdoor sheds that I can save for easy access at a later time. I won’t have to rerun my keyword search.


Now I can easily:

  1. access my list
  2. export it to a spreadsheet like Excel or Google Sheets
  3. rename it
  4. delete it


Wait There’s More!

Jaxxy can do much more as the main menu shows including Tracking Historical Ranking and Monitor Your Website Authority to Analyzing Competition and Discovering Search Engine Optimization (SEO) options.



I want to draw your attention to the Alphabet Soup option, a way to uncover product niches and keywords that will make you money. In the next two graphics you can see the slider moved from alphabet letter a to c.

The alphabet soup function allows me to quickly and easily search keywords using alphabet letters a through z. This feature saves me a lot of time as it allows me to uncover keywords that I might never find using other keyword search methods.




The Big Question – How Much Does Jaxxy Cost?

There are three Jaxxy cost options to meet any budget and user needs.

  1. Jaaxy Starter – Free keywords generator for someone starting out
  2. Jaaxy Pro – $49 per month for someone regularly using keyword search tools
  3. Jaaxy Enterprise – $99 per month for the power user

Select the Jaaxy account that meets your needs here.

Not convinced? Try the free version and see for yourself how easy it is to use this powerful tool. There are fewer features but I know you will quickly see how this will help you focus more on making money with less time spent on selecting what to write about. If you are just beginning your online journey, it may be all you’ll need.

The Jaxxy Pro version is great for those on a limited budget. It provides everything you need. Power users will be excited about expanded features provided in the Enterprise option.

Like all web-based tools Jaxxy is accessible from any Internet enabled device including smartphones. I am often waiting for my wife and using my time productively by searching and identifying keywords that provide money making opportunities.


We’re Not Done Yet

There is a Jaxxy lite version which comes free with a membership in Wealthy Affiliate. Even the free Wealthy Affiliate membership includes Jaxxy access.

Get the best of both worlds for free. The Wealthy Affiliate platform provides everything you need including many website themes to choose from, writing (blogging) tools, website hosting, and the Jaxxy Keyword and Nice Research Tool.

Wealthy Affiliate members have free access to Jaxxy lite version. I find that it has everything I need. For advanced Wealthy Affiliate members a 50% discount on Jaxxy is provided as shown below.


Click on the button to join Wealth Affiliate for free now.


Yes button

Are you ready? We Are.

 Click here to read about my #1 choice for building and growing a money making online business!



What do you think of this Jaxxy keyword research tool review? Leave any comments, questions, or concerns in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you soon!



The opinions expressed in this review are those of the author and are based on a combination of personal experience, published product reviews and users’ ratings.


4 thoughts on “The Secret To Supplement Your Retirement Income Online – Power Keywords

  1. Great informative post on keywords, good keywords are essential for high rankings within google. i like the way you break it down and explain it in detail to make it less confusing, because when I first started this subject was a difficult one for me. Thank you for sharing

    Have a great day and have all the success, health and happiness you desire.


    1. Thank you for your comment, Dean. They are called keywords because they are the keys to success on the Internet. Even though we use them everyday in our own searches, they can be difficult to understand and use effectively. I hope this helps you in your online journey.

  2. Wow, Jaaxy seems to have a lot of capabilties as a keyword research tool and more. I have tried several that did some of this. Not any that could do all of this! I am going to see what kind of impact this makes in helping me rank and research better. Thank you for the excellent tips and introduction to an awesome looking product.

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