Tumblr or Blogger

You Need to Know Blogger Makes You More Money

Tumblr or Blogger

You Need to Know Blogger Makes You More Money Compared to Tumblr

You have decided that you want to start a blog. Maybe you want to blog to earn money. 

Two of the best known and most used blog platforms are Tumblr and Blogger. You’re thinking of using one of them but not sure if Tumblr or Blogger is the best choice for you. computer journal

They’re both free so no problem there but which of the two best meets your budget.

This review will help you choose between Blogger and Tumblr with confidence.

Tumblr or Blogger                                                                                                                                                    Young Upstart versus The Established Pro

Blogger has been around the longest and is the most popular. Tumblr has seen amazing growth with young social media bloggers. 

Is Tumblr a blog platform or is it more of a social media platform?Tumblr or Blogger

Tumblr is used as a blog by many and its dashboard makes it easy to post video, images, or text (quote) and you can easily manage more than one account. Tumblr has good customization features. You can reblog a post with a single click. 

Where Tumbler falters is online business and eCommerce because it lacks the tools to promote your site outside of the Tumblr community. 

If you’re using Instagram ifttt.com can create a flow and post it in Tumblr as well. 

Tumblr is a favorite of younger bloggers, it can be addicting, and it’s fun to use.

Blogger also has a dashboard but it’s not as clean and intuitive as Tumblr’s dashboard. 

The area of site statistics is clearly better in Blogger as it’s connected to Google’s analytics and Blogger supports Google Adwords so you can monetize your blog. 

Blogger does not provide the customization that Tumblr provides. 

Blogger has been more favored by people somewhat older than those on Tumblr but that may just because it has been around longer and we tend to stay with what we know.

Let’s compare the two products and see if we can decide if we should choose Tumblr or Blogger.

Blogger and Tumblr At-A-Glance

Blogger logoBlogger Price

  • Product Name: Blogger
  • Cost: Free $0

Tumblr Pricetumblr-t-logo

  • Product Name: Tumblr                 
  • Cost: Free $0 for individuals
    • advertising on a cost-per-engagement rate for Sponsored Posts
    • one-month-old Sponsored Dot promotions negotiated on a flat fee

Blogger Facts Blogger logo

  • Creators: Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan co-founders of Pyra Labs sold to Google
  • Headquarters: Mountain View, CA
  • Website URL: https://www.blogger.com
  • Product Training: Video tutorials
  • Website Domains: blogspot.com or use your own for free
  • Website Building, Management, and Hosting: Yes
  • Content Developer: Yes
  • User Support: Articles, Video Tutorials, and Help Forum
  • Online Business Training: No
  • Keyword/Niche Research Tool: No
  • Recommended: Great for beginners

Tumblr Facts tumblr-t-logo

  • Creators: David Karp
  • Headquarters: New York City, NY
  • Website URL: https://www.tumblr.com
  • Product Training: user posted #training posts and YouTube videos
  • Website Domains: blogname.tumblr.com or use your own for free
  • Website Building, Management, and Hosting: Yes
  • Content Developer: Yes
  • User Support: Help Center for technical issues and “general weirdness”
  • Online Business Training: No
  • Keyword/Niche Research Tool: No
  • Recommended: Great for beginners and social media short blogging

Pros and Cons

Tumblr is the favorite social networking site of younger bloggers and one of the top 10 websites in the US. Blogger is easy to use, has good design tools, and is integrated with other Google apps.

As with any two products, they each have their own pros and cons. How do these two heavyweight blog platforms compare side by side?

Let’s take a look.  take-a-look


Product pros and cons

Blogger logo

  • Simple setup and easy to use
  • Owned by Google
  • Easy integration with Google apps including Adsense for site monetization
  • Completely free nothing else to buy and no upsell
  • Easy for kids to use
  • Pictures and videos easy to add
  • Help Center has tips, tutorials, and FAQs
  • Supports multiple authors on single blog
  • Can leave comments on a blog


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Large user community
  • Wide variety of interests supported and available
  • Ability to connect with Google Analytics for site statistics
  • Can post text, photos, music, video
  • Great for posting photos and videos
  •  Online scrapbook (journal) feature
  • Image-driven
  • Can “reblog” not leave comments

cons-graphicBlogger logo

  • Google account needed
  • Template designs limited
  • No comment moderation tools
  • Controlled by Google
  • Doesn’t support plugins
  • Not eCommerce ready
  • Not a long term professional web presence solution
  • When kids are blogging need to use Google’s SafeSearch


  • Limited theme customization
  • Not good for plugins and widgets
  • Server dependent
  • Doesn’t provide for growth
  • Doesn’t provide online marketing or eCommerce tools to promote site outside of the Tumblr community
  • Anonymous feature can be misused
  • Requires frequent posting and posts should be visual-based
Learn Who’s Who and What’s What in Social Media.

So, which is best? That really depends on what you intend to accomplish with your blog. If you want a way to monetize your blog and make some money, then Blogger is the better choice.

If you want a social blogging platform, want to build a following among your peers, and don’t care about monetizing your site, than Tumblr may be a better choice for you. 

   Blog Platform Feature Comparison

FreeFree: $0 for personal use
Advertising on a cost-per-engagement rate for Sponsored Posts
One-month-old Sponsored Dot promos negotiated on a flat fee
Product Tutorials✔
Website Domains✔
Website Building, Management,
& Hosting
Content Developer✔✔
Keyword/Niche Research Tool
Online Business Training
User SupportArticles, Video Tutorials, and Help ForumHelp Center for technical issues and “general
weirdness”, user posted #training posts and YouTube videos

Google Account Needed Domain
use your own domain name for free or .blogspot.com
Images hosted by Picasa
Social media platform
Can use Google Analytics
18 languages

What Do I Recommend?

What Do I Recommend

I would rank Wealthy Affiliate above Blogger and Tumblr when it comes to providing a great looking website and especially online marketing training. 

Wealthy Affiliate is much more than WIX because Wealthy Affiliate is an online business platform that provides training, tools, support, and other valuable resources for people to make money online.

Wealthy Affiliate provides more for free.

For free you will get: 2 websites including hosting, learn how to create a killer website and grow an online business while getting access to a large and helpful member community. 

If you are looking to create an online business, click here and read about my #1 choice for building and growing an online business.

What do you think of Blogger and Tumblr? 
Leave any comments, questions, or concerns in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you soon!


The opinions expressed in this review are those of the author and are based on a combination of personal experience, published product reviews and users’ ratings.

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