Wealthy Retirement – Making Affiliate Marketing Work for You

Wealthy Retirement – Making Affiliate Marketing Work for You

wealthy retirement - making affiliate marketing work for you

We all want to have a wealthy retirement. But what does a wealthy retirement mean to you?

For many, me included, it means having enough money to pay my bills and be able to continue living in my home. Too many people retire and find this is not possible without continuing their regular full-time income. I too have been there.

Wealthy retirement, to me, does not include working for $10 an hour at one of the big box home improvement stores, flipping burgers, or using my car as a cab driving other people around. It means having the opportunity to learn new things, add new experiences, and build and grow a real income that provides for my financial independence.

There are conventional ways to reclaim your financial independence. Many people think of stock market or real estate investments as the way to achieve wealthy retirement. Unfortunately many of us were not able to develop a stock portfolio or income property.

There is another way and you can start right now – TODAY. You can retire online! Maybe you have never thought about this before. But the Internet and affiliate marketing offers us another path to living a comfortable retirement.



Affiliate Marketing – A Computer Is All You Need

retire online

The first question people ask is: What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way for individuals to advertise goods and services made by other people or companies and earn a commission for each sale. It provides a way for individuals to become entrepreneurs and start their own business online without a costly upfront investment. You can have a wealthy retirement – making affiliate marketing work for you.



The second question people ask me is: How would I get involved in affiliate marketing?

Anyone, and I mean anyone, can get involved in affiliate marketing and all you need is a computer, an Internet connection, and the desire to learn how to make money on the Internet. With some persistent and consistent effort anyone can strike gold on the web.



The third question I am asked is: How much does it cost and how much can I make?
You can start for free. Yes, free and I mean not even using a credit card number.

Now, I don’t want you to think you can make $3,000 a week in a month or two. It will take a while to get your website populated with articles, attract visitors to the site, and learn how to convert visitors to buyers. That said the only limit on what you can do is the limits you put on your imagination. And no, you don’t have to be 20 years old to be successful on the Internet.

And here’s another secret, when you have a money making website you can sell it. Yes, just like real estate websites have value. A friend of mine just sold one of his money making websites for $40,000 after a few short years!



Learning the Affiliate Marketing Business

If you do a search on Google on learn affiliate marketing step-by-step you will get 490,000 search results.

You may be thinking how can I identify the legit programs from the scams that just want my money? And, you’d be right. It is difficult, time-consuming, and often costly.

Many of the programs offered are scams. A scam can take many forms and I define a scam as:

  1. making earnings claims that can’t be achieved – selling dreams
  2. not delivering the goods or services promised – perpetrating a fraud
  3. providing poor quality goods or services – bad business
  4. offering one thing and delivering another – bait and switch
  5. selling a low cost product as a way to sell higher priced products – upsell programs

The good news is I have done the research for you. I have watched 100’s of hours of videos and tested the claims of many programs. Unfortunately, I’ve also wasted some of my money on scams learning the hard way. I want you to benefit from my experiences.

Technology and Training

I found that I needed both the technology components and the training to start and grow an online money making business. There are a number of moving parts to a successful website and an online business. This should not worry you as they can be easily handled if you do it right.

There is a fair amount of technology required to make the website work. If you work with a company that only provides the website theme template you will be spending more than $100 a month and a lot of time arranging for website hosting, functionality plugins, security, support, backups, and the disaster recovery needs of your site.

For the technology you should work with an all-inclusive website builder software company that provides all the technology components for one low-price package. Now, you will still want to maintain a regular backup schedule of your site and posts for safety and peace of mind but this can easily be automated.

Training is where you should put most of your time and effort. You want a company that includes the training in their one low price package. Don’t fall for one of the programs that ask you to pay more for each new level of training that you want to take. This is just an upsell scam.

I cannot stress too much the value of training as you start and grow your online business. There is much to learn on this journey.



What Do I Recommend?

I recommend a company that does three things:

What Do I Recommend

  1. Provides all the technology components you need.
  2. Offers a step-by-step training program.
  3. Has a one low-price package with no upsells.

Does this even exist? Yes, it does.

And, this company adds one valuable component I have not even identified. A large supportive and helpful community of people who will take the time to answer your questions and help you on any topic – large or small at anytime day or night.


This may sound too good to be true. That’s what I thought after struggling with all the scams and empty promises of other companies.



My Number 1 Recommendation

Wealthy retirement – making affiliate marketing work for you may be new to you. It was new to me not long ago. But I did the research and you I hope you benefit from my work and sometimes costly education.

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is an affiliate marketing platform that provides the tools to create, manage, and grow an online business for any target customer group or product offering. It is my #1 recommendation for starting and building a successful money making online business.

Here’s what WA provides:

  • 100’s of hours of training for anyone from beginner to advanced levels
  • a niche and keyword research tool to help you get high search engine result rankings
  • 1,000’s of website theme templates
  • web hosting, security, backup, and support
  • every kind of support and assistance you can think of
  • a member community of thousand of like-minded online entrepreneurs who help and support each other

The WA community is the largest affiliate marketing community in the world. The caring, engaged, and supportive people have been very helpful to me on my online journey.

WA teaches a four step process and provides training and support to help every step of the way.

The 4 steps are:




  1. Choose an area of interest
  2. Build a website
  3. Attract visitors
  4. Generate revenue





If you want to know more about Wealthy Affiliate and how you can build a wealthy retirement click on the link below and read my full review.

To read the full review of my #1 recommended product click here.







Do you think wealthy retirement – making affiliate marketing work for you plan will work for you?


Leave any comments, questions, or concerns in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you soon!



The opinions expressed in this review are those of the author and are based on a combination of personal experience, published product reviews and users’ ratings

8 thoughts on “Wealthy Retirement – Making Affiliate Marketing Work for You

  1. Hi Steve,
    Having a website can really add up in cost for hosting and other services you mentioned. I like your recommendation, seems like it gets everything wrapped up. What about if you wanted to have more than one site? Would you need to have additional accounts or a greater charge?
    Thank you for the information.

    1. Hi Christina, The simple answer to your questions is a big resounding no.

      Wealthy Affiliate provides up to 25 named domains and an additional 25 .siterubrix.com domain names for the same $49 per month price or $29.90 per month if paid yearly. There are never any additional charges for technical services or support whether you have 1 or all 50 websites. Quite a bargain I’d say!
      Thanks for you comment, Christina

  2. Hi Steve, great article. I appreciate your honesty and hard work and sharing that with us – your readers. It is sometimes very difficult to pick out the true offers from scams. It is also difficult to be patient and earn as you learn sometimes, but in the long run that is what will have the best pay off.

    1. Hi Tara,
      Thank you for your comment. You are so right patience will pay off. Do you have any good ways for us to improve our own patience? It is something I know I struggle with and I’m sure others do as well.
      Thanks, for your thoughtful comment.

  3. Steven,
    If you have not made provisions for your life after work, this would be a great plan for not having to work for the $10 an hour. I used the training at WA and use the extra income to travel during the summer when my child is not in school. We were gone most of June last year.

  4. Learning affiliate marketing is a great way to create an income in retirement. I love learning and when I found Wealthy Affiliate I knew it was the perfect way for me not only to learn and exercise my mind but also gain awesome skills. There is no place like Wealthy Affiliate to learn affiliate marketing for not only those in retirement but anyone who wants to build their own business online.

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