Weebly versus Squarespace

Weebly versus Squarespace – Good Choices

Weebly versus Squarespace

Weebly versus Squarespace – Which Is Best For You?          

You have decided you want to have a website and be on the information superhighway. Maybe you want to expand your business online or start a new online business. You have seen the ads and want to know who wins in a Weebly versus Squarespace comparison

One of the top website builder software programs is Weebly but you should also take a good look at Squarespace.

If you’re thinking of using one of them but not sure which one is your best choice this article will help you choose the right one for you with confidence.

Four Interacting Factors – What Affects Success?


There are 4 factors you should consider when selecting the best website builder software for your needs.

    1. Cost – The cost of your website will varycost-effectiveness depending on your business needs and plans for online growth and development. Weebly has a free ($0) option but Squarespace does not. Will the free option meet your needs? And if the free option doesn’t meet your needs, how much will a more feature rich product cost?
    2. workers-customizeCustomization – Your website must fit your business needs and objectives. It will be important to understand the level of functionality personalization in terms of features such as layout, shopping cart and ordering, buttons, audio, video, and image functionality the website you choose supports.
    3. User-friendliness – There are two considerations for user-friendliness.                                                                                                                                           (a) User experience – of course you give your customers the best possible experience. Leaving your site is only a click away.                                                                                              (b) The level of ability and expertise needed to maintain and support your website.
    4. Portability – The ability to move your website to another platform. In some cases portability is easy, in other cases portability is not possible, and with some products porting to another platform can be expensive.
These 4 considerations will affect:
  • they way your website operates,
  • how your website looks and works with your visitors and customers,
  • and the ultimate cost of your website.

 Weebly vs. Squarespace- Two Similar and Different Options

Website development in both Weebly and Squarespace begins by selecting a template. The template comes with preloaded demo content to highlight the design’s strengths and unique features. 

Both programs provide drag & drop construction and a variety of templates (less than 100 for each program). 

But that’s where the similarities end.


Weebly is versatile and lets you create different website types including blogs, portfolios, business sites, and webstores.  It has an easy to use drag & drop website builder but has a limited number (about 60) of website themes.

The program does allow you to change themes and Pro product users can have multiple authors. The dashboard is clear and easy to understand with five horizontal menu sections:

  1. Createweebly-reviewed
  2. Design
  3. Pages
  4. Online Store
  5. Parameters

Weebly has two unique features:

  1. Campus Edition for school district websites as well as classroom websites, student e-portfolios, and project websites. This product is prices separately.
  2. Site Planner a visual tool to help you organize key website elements by seeing how they will fit together. It will give you a better understanding of such advanced topics as content promotion and audience engagement.

Weebly has good eCommerce tools including mobile checkout, filtered product search, selling digital downloads and physical goods, inventory management, and coupon codes.


Squarespace identifies itself as content management software as well as website builder software and competes with the all-inclusive website builders like Weebly. Squarespace has fewer and more-restrictive templates that the other web-site builders but has some of the best looking templates.

Squarespace has three unique features:

  1. Import and export squarespace-reviewedwhich allows blog content from Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, Posterous and other blogging services to imported directly to Squarespace and Squarespace sites can be exported to WordPress.
  2. Developer platform with access to native development tools that developers can use to create unique custom designed websites.
  3. Cover Pages where users can create single-page websites or landing pages to promote a new product. If needed, these pages can be added to any existing Squarespace website.

Weebly versus Squarespace At-A-Glance

Weebly Priceweebly-logo

  • Product Name: Weebly
  • Cost: 6 levels from Free $0 to $38 when paid annually
    • Free website with Weebly branded websites and yourname.weebly.com domain name
    • email connected to your site costs an additional $5 per month

Squarespace Pricesquarespace-icon

  • Product Name: Squarespace
  • Cost: 2 levels for each of 2 categories
    • Websites: $12 per month billed annually ($16 month to month) and $18 billed annually ($26 month to month )
    • Online Stores: $26 per month billed annually ($30 month to month) and $40 per month billed annually ($46 month to month)

Pricing Plan Comparison
Drag & Drop Builder
Weebly.com subdomain
Weebly ads
$8.00 – per month
paid annually
Connect your domain
No Weebly ads
Advanced site stats
3% transaction fee
Up to 10 products
$12.00 – per month
paid annually
Site search
Password protection
Video backgrounds
Up to 100 members
3% transaction fee
Up to 25 products
$25.00 – per month
paid annually
Unlimited members
Membership registration
$0 transaction fee
Unlimited products
Checkout on your domain
Inventory management
Shipping and Tax collector
$38.00 -per month
paid annually
Real time shipping rates
Abandon cart emails
Gift Cards
SquarespaceNo Free OptionPersonal Website
$12.00 – per month
paid annually or $16 month to month
Unlimited Pages, Galleries, and Blogs
2 Contributors
Free Custom Domain with annual purchase
SSL Security
24/7 Customer Support
Business Website
$18.00 – per month
paid annually or $26 month to month
Google email
$100 Google AdWords Credit
Integrated e-Commerce
Sell Unlimited Products
Accept Donations
3% Transaction fee
Mobile Information Bar
Premium Blocks and integrations
Announcement Bar
Online Store
$26.00 – per month
paid annually or $30 month to month
Sell unlimited Products
No Transaction Fees
Commerce Metrics
Inventory, Orders, Tax, Discounts
Label Printing via ShipStation
Integrated Accounting via Xero
Checkout on your Domain
Customer Accounts
Advanced Online Store
$40.00 – per month
paid annually or $46 month to month

Abandon Cart Recovery
Real Tine Carrier Shipping
Automatic Discounts
Gift Cards
Orders API

Weebly Factsweebly-logo

  • Creators: David Rusenko, Chris Fanini, and Dan Veltri
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
  • Website URLhttps://www.weebly.com
  • Product Tutorials: Yes
  • Website Domains: Find, Register, and Manage Domains
  • Website Building, Management, and Hosting: Yes with Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Developer: Yes
  • User Support: Phone (Pro and Higher levels), Live Chat, Support Ticket
  • Online Business Training: No
  • Keyword/Niche Research Tool: No
  • Recommended: Yes 

Squarespace Factssquarespace-icon

  • Creators: Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan co-founders of Pyra Labs sold to Google
  • Headquarters: Mountain View, CA
  • Website URLhttps://www.squarespace.com
  • Product Training: Video tutorials
  • Website Domains: blogspot.com or use your own for free
  • Website Building, Management, and Hosting: Yes
  • Content Developer: Yes
  • User Support: Articles, Video Tutorials, and Help Forum
  • Online Business Training: No
  • Keyword/Niche Research Tool: No
  • Recommended: Great for beginners

Pros and Cons

Weebly has a free pricing option while Squarespace does not. Weebly has a site planner and education platform which Squarespace does not provide.

Squarespace is more expensive but offers more e-Commerce tools including third-party product integrations.

As with any two products, they are different each with their own pros and cons. How do these two heavyweight blog platforms compare side by side?

Let’s take a look.  take-a-look


Product pros and cons


  • Less expensive
  • Lots of great templates
  • User friendly
  • Drag & drop construction
  • Technical knowledge not needed
  • Artificial Design Intelligence tools
  •  Can add live support, newsletters, reservation tools, and testimonials
  • Mobile optimized themes


  • Good embedded help
  • User friendly
  • Drag & drop construction
  • Technical knowledge not needed
  • Seamless mid-level eCommerce tools
  • Mobile optimized themes
  • Good looking templates available
  • Knowledge Base with video training and guides
  • Selling capabilities including digital downloads


  •  Large amount of content stresses Blog functionality
  • Can’t switch templates
  • No eCommerce tools with free site
  • Built-in statistics not provided
  • Not a true content management system
  • Email, chat, and phone support but no training
  • Sites don’t fully support mobile device responsive design 



  • Fewer and more-restrictive templates than the competition
  • Cannot host your own website
  • No free trial
  • More expensive than competitors
  • Lacks third-party widgets
  • Only uses Strip and PayPal
Weebly vs. Squarespace Feature Comparison

Free: $0
Starter: $8 pm paid annually
Pro: $12 pm paid annually
Business: $25 pm paid annually
Performance: $38 pm paid annually
Websites: Personal $12 pm/billed yearly $16 pm
Business: $18 pm/billed yearly $26 pm
Online Stores: Basic $26 pm/billed yearly $30 pm
Advanced $40 pm/billed yearly $46 pm
Product Tutorials✔✔
Website Domains✔✔
Website Building, Management,
& Hosting
Content Developer✔✔
Keyword/Niche Research Tool
Online Business Training
User SupportLive Chat, Support Ticket, Pro and Higher Phone
How to articles, Guides, Videos, Webinars, Forum,
email, Live Chat

Free plan displays Weebly branding
Starter plan removes Weebly branding
Starter and above include domain
Competes well with top website builder products

Weebly versus Squarespace,  which is best? If you want more flexibility, then Weebly is better.read-full-review

If you want more e-Commerce tools, then Squarespace is better.

Either way you really can’t go wrong.

What Do I Recommend?

What Do I Recommend

I would rank Wealthy Affiliate above Blogger and Tumblr when it comes to providing a great looking website and especially online marketing training. 

Wealthy Affiliate is much more than WIX because Wealthy Affiliate is an online business platform that provides training, tools, support, and other valuable resources for people to make money online.

Wealthy Affiliate provides more for free.

For free you will get: 2 websites including hosting, learn how to create a killer website and grow an online business while getting access to a large and helpful member community. 

If you are looking to create an online business, click here and read about my #1 choice for building and growing an online business.

What do you think of Weebly and Squarespace? 
Leave any comments, questions, or concerns in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you soon!


The opinions expressed in this review are those of the author and are based on a combination of personal experience, published product reviews and users’ ratings.

2 thoughts on “Weebly versus Squarespace – Good Choices

  1. Very detailed and informative article. I haven’t actually heard of these website platforms but it is great to know new information about other things available out there. Definitely recommend Wealthy Affiliate personally as there are so many perks and a huge number of members which a relationship can be built to all help each other out and the training that comes with it is amazing.

    Thank you for sharing this article, have a great day and may you have all the success, happiness and health that you desire.


    1. Thank you for your comment, Dean. There are a lot of website builder software programs out there. Some we’ve heard of like Wix and GoDaddy and many that are not well known. Many of them provide a good product when used for the right purpose. It’s like that old adage: use the right tool for the job. But I do agree with you it is hard to beat Wealthy Affiliate on function, price, and community support.
      Again, thank you for your thoughtful comment.

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